It has been said that teachers and trainers change lives. Diana L. Weiss is that trainer that will change your life!

Diana L. Weiss has been teaching and training since before the age of 5! She would sit her sisters down on the steps with a cut-out cardboard box on top of their laps that served as a make-shift desk, and teach them (along with every stuffed animal she could find,) everything she had learned that day. At the age of 12, Diana won her first speaking award for a demonstration entitled “How to set a table.” She went on to win First Place at Regional and received the highest award (purple) at the District level for her school. She has been talking and training ever since.

Diana L. Weiss is that trainer that will shake it up, walk you through it, give you steps, and processes and break it down to simple terms. She is a powerful trainer with a spark of humor and her workshops and training sessions fill quickly. Diana helps people “Put their dreams to the test” whether it is to gain a promotion, start a new business or simply grow an existing business. She gives her audiences an edge to help them obtain their goals and lifelong dreams.

Diana is not only knowledgeable of effective training techniques and adult learning theory, she practices them on a daily basis. She has the ability to coach and counsel clients one-on-one about job readiness, career goals, and job search strategies. Diana helps her clients become more productive, prioritize, set goals and accomplish more. She works with ethnically and culturally diverse populations.

Diana helps her clients communicate in oral and written form, to work both independently and as part of a team, the ability to follow through with students, staff, and employers, and skill in operating a computer and various supporting software packages. She has taught physicians, nurses, and Revenue Cycle Leaders and staff. She has coached and trained Financial advisers, Executives, and Leaders from Diverse Industries. Diana L. Weiss also offers training of high school programs that include academic study as well as a variety of courses and work experiences designed to introduce students to trades ranging from construction, business, and health services to art and design, agriculture, and information technology. This form of education can be offered by Diana at high school campuses or separate vocational training centers. The ultimate goal of these programs is for Diana to prepare clients and students for the job field and help them complete their high school education.

Diana is a dynamic professional speaker whose passion for life is highly contagious! As a top rated trainer in her field, Diana brings home difficult concepts for learners, making them easier to understand, learn and apply.
Diana is an in-demand speaker whose partial clients list includes:

  • Wells Fargo
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Smith Barney
  • The US Air Force
  • The American Heart Association
  • Social Services of Missouri
  • DePaul Health Care Center
  • Norton Healthcare
  • Novant Healthcare
  • DePaul healthcare
  • University of Ohio-Cincinnati
  • Providence Healthcare

As a businesswoman, Diana understands the challenges that most people face and helps them to take charge and make a change! As a wife and mother of four, she understands the value of instilling old-fashioned virtues in her children. Diana’s down-to-earth approach appeals to audiences both on the platform and in her role as a talk show host for FYI, a local public broadcasting show. Diana graduated with a BA in Communications from Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, Missouri, and has co-authored two books.

After growing up in the southern foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Diana accepted a major career change and moved to St. Charles, Missouri where she makes her home today.